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Are you often meeting others needs before your own? Do you find you are frequently frustrated or irritated and you don’t know why?  Do you wish you could handle life’s challenges with a little more peace and calm?  

You have the power to change your relationships, eliminate conflict with your spouse, your children and others and in the process create more peace and happiness in your life.  But you have to learn how.  Isn’t it about time?

Join April as she leads you step-by-step through her book, Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living.  This 8 Session Tele-Course will guide you on your journey to healthier, stronger more peaceful relationships so that you can be that relaxed and calm woman you have always wanted to be!

During this 8-week tele-course (that means by phone) you will learn:

~5 Simple techniques to help you find time to take care of you
~How to break-free from habitual yelling or frustration in just 90 seconds
~4-Step Process that will help you resolve even the most challenging situations
~How to successfully eliminate drama, let go of past hurts and recreate your relationships with your spouse, your children and others no matter where you are right now.  

~Private online group and website to interact with your classmates
~8 LIVE Coaching Calls (1 hour per week)
~…and all classes are recorded live so if you can’t make it, you can download them later that day.

When you learn to Ride the Wave you will find that happiness returns to you once again.

Ride the Wave Journal

Ride the Wave WorkbookIncluded in this course:

~Ride the Wave Workbook (not available for purchase)
~Ride the Wave e-book for Kindle
~Ride the Wave Journal

Here’s what Megan had to say about it:

Thank goodness for week 5 and my coaching call with April. They both came at the right time. This morning when I woke up I could just be at peace with the fact that for some reason this is where I live for now. I decided not to hate it. I also got to make my own choice of what my mood would be since April informed me this week that these people don’t decide on my mood…I do.  It is a GREAT Saturday! Quite honestly the first great and peaceful Sat. since 2001!!  April you are a true inspiration and I’m so appreciative of your support and kindness! Thank you also to all of you who have posted about your journey and offered support along the way.

The next start date is Thursday, August 2nd at 12pm EST/9am PST

Don’t delay.  You are here for a reason and you must take the first step to change your world.  I invite you to create the peace you desire by registering below.

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