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Are you tired, frustrated, angry or just plain worn-out?  Do you find you lack the time to take care of yourself or that when you do things you want to do you feel guilty or afraid someone else is going to be upset?  These are normal feelings that many women experience.

This 6 Lesson Home Study Course will guide you to let go of fear and guilt which may be preventing you from taking care of yourself.  It is a simple guide which includes 6 interviews between Dr. Michael Woulas, Ph.D. Psychothearpist and April O’Leary, pre-lesson assessments, post-lesson activities and reflections.


If losing her father to cancer at age twenty-one wasn’t enough, by twenty-nine April was married with three girls under the age of five. Normally happy and carefree, April found that she was drowning in consistent anger and frustration which was causing conflict all around her. She was able to break the cycle and is now sharing her simple journey to peace with you.

Ride the Wave will take you on a journey to:
~Create more harmony and happiness in your relationships.
~Enjoy life more by releasing anger, resentment and frustration.
~Identify your ‘trigger moments’ and transform them into peace.
~Be the calm and collected woman you have always wanted to be!

If you are ready to slow down and transform your world from the inside out, let’s get started!


Advanced Praise for Ride the Wave

Inner peace is our piece of heaven. April has found a way to ground the sometimes ethereal quest for inner peace into real life, with real life solutions. This book doesn’t demand that you escape your sometimes chaotic world to have a peaceful existence. It asks that you be present in your own life, pointing to your own heart for answers. It is inspiring to me and I hope for you. I am the co-founder of a project called “Peace Begins with Me (a small BIG peace project) dedicated to inner peace and this is a piece of the puzzle for your own inner peace project. Read it, use the tools, and you can change your life and your world!  ~Joan Steffend

Joan Steffend is a national Emmy award-winning newscaster and the former host of Decorating Cents which aired on HGTV for ten years.  She has appeared on OprahLive with Regis and Kelly, The CBS Early ShowThe Today Show and Entertainment Tonight.  Joan is also the author of …and she sparkled and is the co-founder of Peace Begins With Me, a not-for-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to education, inspiration, and collaboration in the area of inner peace.   To find out more about her mission please visit By purchasing this book you are taking a first step to creating peace in the world.  10% of the proceeds go directly Peace Begins With Me.

April O’Leary is definitely “Riding the Wave” in her own life…a testament to her passion for making a difference, and a big one, in this world. A dedicated mom and wife, who has found a way to  create the time necessary to establish herself as a woman who knows she was put here to help others find their path to life purpose, as well as inner peace.

~David Essel, M.S., Author, “David Essel Alive” XM 168 Positive Talk Radio Host, Master Life Coach

Sue FitRide the Wave is an absolute must read for anyone who is looking to break free from the emotional roller coaster of trying to control the outside world in order to sustain peace and happiness.  April shows us how we can start the journey to a peaceful life not by changing our circumstances but by changing the way we react to any situation.  If you struggle with reacting this book will definitely help you break free from it, without the need to control the outside world.  With April’s easy to follow steps, you can create the happiness and peace you desire right now and find that true emotional freedom is possible.

~Sue Makombo, Personal Trainer and Business Owner,

Ride the Wave has an excellent message for all who desire more peace and joy in their lives.  The book provides fascinating insights into root causes of anger which so often prevent us from experiencing greater joy in life.  Ride the Wave gently guides the reader from anger to an ultimate experience of the peace and joy we all desire, but so often fail to achieve.  A must read!  

~Michael J. Woulas, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Author of The Ticking Time Bomb

Ride the Wave is a book for all of us who are just hanging on and waiting for peace to show up at some point in the future. This book invites the reader to examine their own thought process and realize the greatness of their life—right now.  April has brought practical solutions for achieving the very complicated challenge of finding peace and it’s a rewarding experience for all. 

~Holly Davis and Bridget DiRico, Producers and Radio Personalities for The Happy Hour Radio Show


This upbeat testimonial will awaken you to the power within to “ride the waves” of your emotions and create your own happiness.  April’s ability to connect with her readers provides an inspiring platform for personal growth and insight.

~Sharon Bloom, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist



I loved this book.  The stories are so personal. April writes as if she is talking directly to me.  The exercises and short quizzes built right into the chapters gave me immediate and meaningful take-away tools to begin my transformations.

~Tania Melkonian , Mom, Zumba Instructor, Chef, Blogger,…and much more….

Ride the Wave is thoughtful and inspiring. This was written both for parents and teachers who struggle with managing all of their many roles and responsibilities without reacting.  I felt I was guided from frustration into peace carefully and thoughtfully.  Colorful examples are provided where the reader connects with the author in her struggle to find peace. I also found the exercises provided a great way to apply the concepts.  This thorough program provides a wealth of realistic perspectives and the tools to teach the reader how to “ride the wave” of their emotions into peaceful living.  

~Shelagh Brodeur, M.Ed, Middle School Educator and Mother of 3