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Inner peace is our piece of heaven. April has found a way to ground the sometimes ethereal quest for inner peace into real life, with real life solutions. This book doesn’t demand that you escape your sometimes chaotic world to have a peaceful existence. It asks that you be present in your own life, pointing to your own heart for answers. It is inspiring to me and I hope for you. I am the co-founder of a project called “Peace Begins with Me” (a small BIG peace project) dedicated to inner peace and this is a piece of the puzzle for your own inner peace project. Read it, use the tools, and you can change your life and your world!  ~Joan Steffend

Joan Steffend is a national Emmy award-winning newscaster and the former host of Decorating Cents which aired on HGTV for ten years.  She has appeared on OprahLive with Regis and Kelly, The CBS Early ShowThe Today Show and Entertainment Tonight.  Joan is also the author of …and she sparkled and is the co-founder of Peace Begins With Me, a not-for-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to education, inspiration, and collaboration in the area of inner peace.   To find out more about her mission please visit


By purchasing Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living you are taking a first step to creating peace in the world.  10% of the proceeds go directly Peace Begins With Me.