Celebrating Year #35 With a FREE GIFT FOR YOU!

So I know it’s not really kosher to discuss your ‘actual’ age anymore, as many sites offer the option to post your birthday but ‘hide’ the year, but you know what, I’m happy to be 35.  In fact, I’m ecstatic!  Why?  Why not?

Today at 12pm EST/ 9am PST I am going to tell you exactly why.  I am going to share my story of how I went from utter chaos and frustration and anger to peace and relative harmony, in a pretty short period of time, without making drastic changes to my life.  I didn’t move, change jobs, end a relationship or get a brain transplant.  How did I do it?  Well you’ll just have to call-in or listen via webcast to hear it.

And here is another incentive to join in LIVE.  You will receive a free birthday gift from me…and it’s a good gift.  Not just some .pdf to download.  I mean something you’ll have to give me your mailing address to receive.  So that is worth the time it takes to listen.  To get the call-in and webcast details visit www.uofmoms.com where you can sign-up and join in on the par-tay!

If you find you are tired, if you are frustrated and have been doing everything you can to make everyone else happy, but know that you have lost yourself in the process I encourage you to join me and see how some small changes can make a BIG difference.  I want to celebrate your life with you and help you enjoy all the love, peace and happiness you deserve…all it takes is you, deciding YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Love and Birthday Hugs to you Today!

April O’Leary
Founder of the University of Moms

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gift for moms
July 12, 2012 4:40 am

Superb way for giving gift to any person whose are wanna celebrate their 35 birthday but secretly. I appreciate this way to giving gift. You doing really good job. Thanks.

April O'Leary
July 13, 2012 12:08 pm

Thanks for the sweet comment. Have a super day! Have you joined us for summer camp? April

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