The ABC’s of Conscious Parenting with Lori Petro

Having a baby is not only a life-changing experience it is one that can bring up the past too.  Suddenly you are thrown into this new role as a mother and by default you just do what you know to do…which is usually what you experienced as a child or what you think a parent ‘should’ do.   In the beginning, much of the focus on baby-care revolves around feeding, sleeping and changing diapers, but there is more!

Lori Petro, The Kid Whisperer, would tell you that you can start to build a rock solid bond with your baby, nurturing your relationship with him/her from day 1.  It is all about understanding, reading their cues, letting go of  your own expectations and embracing the moment as it is.  What a beautiful message!  But wait, there’s more….

Being a Certified Parent Educator, Lori has been working with parents to help them embrace the parent/child relationship and develop a rock solid relationship that will nurture the health and well-being of both parent and child.  She is the creator of the ABC’s of Conscious Parenting and has a thriving Facebook Community called TEACH Through LOVE.

The University of Moms is fortunate to have Lori Petro take center stage (via webcast, phone and Skype) next week!  She will appear on Tuesday, July 10th at 3pm EST/ 12pm PST.  To hear Lori’s talk about her ABC’s of Conscious Parenting and how YOU can build a rock solid bond with your baby REGISTER NOW!  You won’t want to miss it!

Lori Petro, B.S. Ed.- The Kid Whisperer - ABC of Conscious ParentingWhen you register you’ll get full call-in details and a link to the webcast.  Can’t make it live?  For only $29 you’ll get the full week’s seminar, including Lori’s session, in mp3 format so you can listen in whenever you like, along with LOTS of speaker gifts too, including Lori’s e-book The ABC’s of Conscious Parenting.  Check it out. And if this isn’t for you, I’m sure it’s for someone you know…think…someone you know is pregnant right now, I’m sure of it.  :)  Send this post on to them so they can REGISTER NOW.

Let’s welcome Lori Petro to Summer Camp.  She is sure to be a life-long friend and supporter as you nurture your children to be happy, healthy and secure human beings.   See you at CAMP!

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