Get Your Baby to Sleep with Anne Marie Ezzo

One of the biggest struggles many new mothers (and fathers) experience is the loss of sleep they experience when caring for a newborn baby.  Indeed, without any guidance, babies can continue night-waking long into their toddler years and beyond…and I have heard of many parents complain that this is the case for them.  But the struggle can end with the Babywise Book Series.

Anne Marie Ezzo and her husband Gary have been helping many parents give their babies the gift of nighttime sleep for years now…and when I say many I mean OVER 1,000,000!

I can remember my pediatrician saying to me at my first daughter’s 8 week appointment, ver batim, that, ‘once a baby is 12 pounds they are physically capable of going 7 hours without food, anything after that is just a matter of training’.  I took that message to heart and along with the Babywise principles of a basic feed/wake/sleep cycle, without crying or fussing, ALL my girls slept soundly from their last feeding at 10pm to their first wake-up to eat at 5am (by 10 weeks) and then stretching to 7am (by 12-14 weeks).

Please understand, this happened to work for my unique family, and I was flexible with the routine.  So when I decided to put this Virtual Summer Camp for New and Soon-to-Be moms together as a part of the University of Moms, I thought of Babywise.  Although I know this method is not for everyone, it does work for many.  I would encourage you do some research and see if it is right for you.

So if you are a new mom, or a parent whose baby/toddler/preschooler is not sleeping well or is waking consistently at night, this may be for you, and I would encourage you to Sign up and hear Anne Marie talk about basic sleep strategies, along with other topics like the importance of snuggling with your baby and more to see what she has to say.

Anne Marie’s interview will air live on Tuesday, July 10th at 12pm EST/ 9am PST.  To get the call-in details, webcast links and free gift of the Structure and Routine Seminar from Anne Marie REGISTER NOW!  You can register FREE to listen in live or for only $29 you get the ability to download all the week-long interviews (there are 11 mommy experts airing the week of July 9th) and all the speaker gifts.  Or for just $59 you get support all summer long via live group coaching calls and a private Facebook group plus more bonuses.  

And as part of the University of Moms motto: “Don’t fear what you don’t know, just get more info!”  SO if you are struggling in this area, listen to what Anne Marie has to say and see if this could work for you.

With Education, Support and Inspiration Today and Always,

April O’Leary
Founder of the University of Moms

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